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Rainy Days and Mondays....

The start of a new it full of promise or more of the same?? Can your outlook determine your outcome? When the To Do list for the coming week looks insurmountable how can you get energized and ready to take it on? I believe there are a number of things you can do to focus, stay on track and actually enjoy not only Monday’s but all days of the week as you check items off that long...often overwhelming...list of things to do.

  1. Take a few minutes to get organized. Get out your calendar and look at the list. Prioritize the things that absolutely need to be done on each day. Instead of one long list, break tasks down into daily lists. Now prioritize each daily list by writing in order what comes first (most important), second, etc. What about the items at the bottom of your daily list? If they didn’t get done that day would all hell break loose? What if you never got an item done at all.....would it really matter?? Some things may get pushed to the next day’s list and others moved to a weekend To Do list...or they might just fade away without consequence. Oh...and don’t forget to check off completed items. It feels so good and you may surprise yourself at how much you actually got done in a day.

  2. Be realistic. There’s only one of you. Are your expectations reasonable? Have you left time for exercise, relaxation, time with family or friends? Can you get things done and still end up with some time for yourself? You have to take care of you or your productivity tanks.

  3. Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise. Strive to do something physical 3 times each week. ANY activity is better than none. Go for a walk, go to a class, do yoga or Pilates, play with the kids, ride a bike.... just MOVE!!! Thirty minutes a day is fine...more is better...if you can fit it in. Get to bed as early as possible to give yourself a fighting chance and energy for the next day.

  4. Be kind to yourself. Don’t “should” on yourself. Do what you can. Take one day at a time in crunch situations. You are human and if you are doing the best you can it’s all good. Some days are better than others but each one will be productive and energizing if you plan to make it happen!!