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School's Out....Welcome Summer!

I am a retired teacher. I taught for 30 years at two different high schools in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I loved my career. One of the highlights each year was the two-month summer break....longer days and shorter nights, lighter shades and brighter lights, louder music and time with need for pencils, no need for pens!

I found this poem, written by Rose Abbott and published in 2016. It speaks to me and I hope you enjoy it too!

Summer Longing

Not just the sun,

It's the memories,

The fun,

The love,

The leaves that sway in the warm August breeze.

It's not just the places,

It's the journey

with smiling faces.

As I look up at this cloudy sky,

I wish for the freedom,

And the city lights rushing by.

It's not just summer,

It's the memories that last.

It's the friends,

The laughs,

The campfires....

And vivid pasts.

Wishing all of you a summer full of fun, love, freedom and memories!

Written by Tricia Slipacoff. Poem by Rose Abbott. Tricia is the co-owner of Northern Star Yoga & Pilates in Sarnia, ON, Canada. She is a retired teacher with the Lambton Kent District School Board and has been teaching Pilates for 12 years.